How AWS Certifications Can Improve Your Career Trajectory

The web and cloud-based services market continues to expand, with major players including Microsoft, Google and Amazon. Their offerings Azure, Cloud and AWS respectively dominate the market. AWS leads the charge with 33% of the global market share.

While it’s clear that many businesses have flocked to these services, not every business has found success in implementing these services into their operations at scale. For example, with more and more companies facilitating remote, hybrid and in-person work, their necessity for cloud services becomes more apparent than ever. However, the more that these companies spend, the more they open themselves up to opportunities. These opportunities bring about access to storage and computing capabilities that can be utilized.

As the importance of these cloud-services increases, so too does the importance of possessing any of the possible AWS certifications available. Let’s take a look at some of the different types of AWS certifications and how they can impact a businesses’ processes and its employees.

The AWS Certification Umbrella

If you’re looking to acquire an AWS certification, you’re going to have the option to select between four categories: foundational, associate, professional and specialty. Within these four categories, there will be certifications that require the passing of an exam in order to earn them. Each of the exams offered are extremely difficult and will require diligent preparation to pass. So much so that many professionals in the industry opt for pre-test training courses to confirm they’ve prepared their skills enough to pass their exams.

As previously mentioned, there are a number of certification options available within that four category umbrella. For example, the Cloud Practitioner Foundational certification. Or, other associate level certifications, such as the Solutions Architect, Developer and SysOps Administrator certifications. More professional level certifications, such as the Solutions Architect and DevOps Engineer certifications sit atop the list of difficulty to acquire.

Applying The AWS Advantage To Your Career

Acquiring any number of AWS certifications can provide several benefits to your career, which can be seen below:

  • Improved compensation: An AWS Associate certification for a Certified Solutions Architect position has proven to be one of the most financially beneficial qualifications for any professional to acquire. Those with this certification and coupled position make nearly $160,000 per year on average. Acquiring additional specialized certifications can make an even more meaningful difference in earnings.
  • Additional opportunities: With the number of companies investing into cloud-based storage, computing, security, DevOps and machine learning services, it’s becoming clear that in order to adapt to the job market, these certifications can make all the difference. As certifications are acquired, more opportunities seem to be presented, whether that be within their current organization or at another.
  • Community-oriented: The acquisition of an AWS certification places you within the AWS-certified global community. Within this community, you’ll find both the AWS Certified Network and LinkedIn community. In addition to this, you can legally use the Amazon-certified logo to illustrate your knowledge and skill.
  • Staying In The Know: As cloud technologies and their capabilities continue to advance, any professional’s job security is reliant on their willingness to stay knowledgeable. As more and more competitors attempt to enter the cloud-service space, rest assured an AWS certification can ensure you’d be ready for whatever follows.

As the willingness to spend and invest into cloud computing increases within companies, the need for staff with the right certifications is also on the rise. If you’re currently lacking what it takes to make it in one of these positions, consider how an AWS training program could make the difference you’re looking for in your career.

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