Giving Your Bike A Service Before Winter Arrives

When you are an avid cyclist and go out on it no matter the weather, with winter fast approaching, you will want to service your bike and get it ready for the winter weather. There are many things you will want to do to your bike to ensure it is prepared for the cold and wet weather we get most winters and ensure it is safe to be on the road. You can find some tips below to help you get your bike and cycling gear ready for the winter months and ensure you can still peddle your bike no matter the weather.

Give It A Clean

An excellent place to start is to clean your bike thoroughly, making it easier to inspect the frame and components and look for any potential problems. Get lots of hot soapy water and a soft brush, clean off as much muck and grime as you can, and try to get it looking spotless. You may notice patches of rust on the frame or wheels, and you will want to address this before winter, as the salt they put on roads can cause any patches of rust to get worse. You can purchase some quality rust remover that will eliminate this and prevent it from spreading even when your bike gets wet on the roads in winter.

Check Your Tyres

You will also want to check the tyres on your bike and ensure they are in decent condition and have plenty of treads left, so they give you grip. The cold weather can damage the rubber in the tyres, especially if cuts or chunks are taken out of them. Look for signs of wear and damage and have replacements ready for you once you can no longer use the tyres safely. It is also worth getting a couple of extra inner tubes for your bike at the same time as your new tyres, should these need replacing.

Check Your Lights & Reflective Surfaces

As it gets dark during the winter, you will also need to check the lights you use at night and the reflective services on your bike and the clothes you wear. It is worthwhile having spare rechargeable batteries for your bike lights, so you always have power and ensure the reflective surfaces of your bike are clean and unobstructed. Check the reflective surfaces of the clothes you wear when cycling; if these are not as good as they used to be, consider replacing them.

Tighten Up Your Brakes & Gears

The last thing you will want to do to get your bike ready for the winter is to check your brakes and gears and ensure they are working correctly. You will want to ensure that the cables are tight, that you can stop quickly, that your derailer works correctly, and that you can select all the gears. A final check over your bike and ensure everything is tight and correct, and it will be ready for this winter and help keep you safe. Remember to clean your bike after you use it in winter to remove any salt from the roads and help stop rust and corrosion from forming.

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